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Posted on 03/31/2024
How Living Exteriors Can Help Homeowners Save
Many of us have heard of a living or green wall. They’re excellent choices for reducing bills, counterbalancing emissions from basic home living and adding a beautiful touch of nature to your home’s exterior. But what are some of their other perks? Are there other external living features that can be applied to a home to further reduce...
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Posted on 03/28/2024
Another Property Sold - 7800 Tamra Dr, Reno, NV 89506
Nice custom-built home in Golden Valley with awesome views. Nicely laid out with two living rooms plus a formal dining room. The large living room has a wood burning fireplace and double sliders leading to a nice large deck. Only about 15 Minutes to downtown. Lots of trees. Awesome large deck overlooking the valley. Lots of open space under the house that has tuns of potential. Just a few minutes to “Open space” that many use for recreational...
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Posted on 03/24/2024
Appraisal contingencies: What are they & are they beneficial?
Once a home seller has accepted an offer to purchase their...
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Posted on 03/17/2024
What to consider when choosing a new home location
When it’s time to buy a new home, one of the first...
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Posted on 03/10/2024
Should you sign a land contract?
A land contract is a great way for sellers to increase...
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Posted on 03/03/2024
Aquaponics with fish: The basics
If you’re interested in sustainability, aquatic life and...
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Posted on 02/25/2024
The who, what & why of servicing a loan
Mortgage servicers are companies responsible for the...
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Posted on 02/18/2024
4 Ways to Add Storage to a Small Kitchen
Small kitchens can be problematic for many reasons. One of the most common issues with lack of space in a kitchen is lack of storage options. However, there are some storage strategies you can use to make the most of a small space. Here are some tips to get you started: Reduce Clutter Do you have plenty of...
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Posted on 02/11/2024
The best indoor trees
One of the best ways to make a space feel lush and lively...
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Posted on 02/04/2024
Saving water: For garden planning
One of the best ways to live more sustainably is by...
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Posted on 01/28/2024
3 Tips for Streamlining Your Living Room
The living room is a central component of any home, but it can quickly become too busy Streamlining it can not only make it more attractive; it can make it more functional too. Try these three tips to both define the space and highlight its best features. Curb the collections Whether you collect books, vases, candles, etc., artful...
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